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EighthInch Julian Track Wheelset

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The Julian wheelset by EighthInch sets the standard when it comes to strong bicycle wheels. Well-made with either 32 or 48 spokes and a 42mm depth, the only thing getting through these wheels is wind.
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From bike polo league members to fixed gear fanatics, the Julian wheelset has a lot of fans. There are many reasons, but we’ll start with the most obvious. These bicycle wheels come with either 32 or 48 spokes, each, and a 42mm depth. If you play polo, you know that a high spoke count means no balls are getting through. If “all” you do is ride, you know that means strength and a solid rim. Speaking of the rims; they’re triple walled. That’s as close to unbreakable as we know how to make. Go ahead and get your hopes up, these bad boys are more than affordable. Choose from polished silver, white, or flat black. Remember, the Julians are heavy-duty – which also means they’re heavy.
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  • Color
    Black, Silver, White
  • Country of Origin
  • Intended Use
    Bike Polo, Messenger, Urban Lifestyle, Commuting
  • Model Name
  • Size
  • Wheel - Brake Type
  • Wheel - Front Axle
    M10 Solid Axle
  • Wheel - Front Hub Spacing
    100 mm
  • Wheel - Hub Color
  • Wheel - Hub Drilling
    32, 48
  • Wheel - ISO Diameter
    622 mm
  • Wheel - Rear Axle
    M10 Solid Axle
  • Wheel - Rear Hub Spacing
    120 mm
  • Wheel - Rim
    30 mm deep
  • Wheel - Rim Color
    Black, White, Silver High Polish
  • Wheel - Rim Material
  • Wheel - Spoke Color
  • Wheel - Spokes
  • Wheel - Tire Type
  • Wheel - Valve Type
  • Wheel - Wheel Size
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