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  • Dublin, Ireland

    1) What is your name?
    Johnny O’Byrne

    2) What city do you live & ride in?
    Dublin, Ireland

    3) Tell us all about your bike- all of the components (bike check)

    • Landing Gear forks
    • Front wheel- halo tornado rim, Blb hub 32hole
    • Back wheel- found on a wrecked bike dont know the rim, quando hub (soon to be a Bueller Wheel!)
    • Red line pivotal saddle and seatpost
    • Eighthinch 160 Bmx cranks, 39t Eighthinch chainring
    • Odyssey plastic pedals
    • Homemade straps
    • Volume Trickster bars 5″
    • Eighthinch stem

    4) How long have you been riding fixed gear?
    2 Years

    5) What got you started riding fixed gear?
    Watching some of the other messengers doing tricks and work slowing down loads left me with lots of free time standing around, i figured i could at least spend that time doing backward circles or something

    6) What kind of riding do you do- (FGFS, Polo, messenger, etc)?
    Im a messenger so i use my bike for work, alleycats, Polo and FGFS

    7) Best memory on your bike?
    Kind of changes all the time, good memories of tricks, polo, races, tournaments, random moments in work

    8) Worst crash on your bike?
    Spilling out while holding onto the back of a bus, wasnt injured though slid on my back (bag) for quite a long distance, the faces on the pedestrians were hilarious

    9) What do you do when you are not riding?
    Read, listen to music, eat lots of food.

    10) Any accolades (Have you won any tournaments/contests, been in a movie/edits?
    Won a few events in the st patricks day massacres (our yearly courier tournament), won some prizes in alleycats

    11) Favorite food and drink?
    got a real sweet tooth but ill eat anything really as long as theres no dead animals in it

    12) Personal notes- anything you want the world to know about you?
    I like life

    13) Any special thanks to anyone out there?
    On Track, The messengers I share the road with Everyone i’ve done tricks with and played Polo with


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